Paging YYZ

I kept looking for a thread for my topic, but I've given up and decided to go the direct route.

What specifically helped you and your wife get to a better place?  I have been trying here for more than a year and a half.  He accuses me of loving to fight, but I don't know what to do when he declares "The Unvarnished Truth" and I disagree.  What is the difference between stating your opinion and starting a fight?  I don't have to yell, demean, or be sarcastic to "start a fight."  I just have to disagree.  Maybe I'm wrong in here as well.  I'm not just talking ADHD stim fights, here, to be clear.  I am talking about 2 opinionated people, but feel like only one is entitled to his opinion.  Did you have this problem?  How did you get past it?

He just gave me the "You win.  I'll stay and be miserable."  I called him out on that, and declared that he was lying, because he has changed his mind so many times on this topic.

Did you ever at any point want to just quit?   I am finding it increasingly difficult to be consistent in my efforts with him, not because of my ADHD (though it doesn't all), but primarily because I am soooooooooo literally tired of being miserable and feeling like a consolation prize for someone who claims he loves me but who says it was a mistake to marry me.   I can't bear the thought of sharing custody of our kids, or the sadness it would cause them...

I know I'm rambling, but meds have long since worn off and I forgot my evening dose (oops!).  I'm so tired.  I just want to have a happy family.  Crying as I write this.

Thanks for your insight.