Pain, fatigue, and hunger...

Another member posted about her ADHDer having a 'ZERO tolerance' for these..and it really struck me. We just had a 'fight' this weekend over the pain issue. He had a tooth pulled Friday and got a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever. (HUGE problem for me...he has a history of abusing pain meds). He took 3 of them within 10 hours (were prescribed every 6 hours) and I flushed them down the toilet. He was insistent that the ONLY reason he took them was because he tooth was hurting. After reading that, it dawned on me...he is the exact same way. I tried explaining, without making this connection, that THAT is what gets him in trouble with pain meds...because if he still feels ANY amount of pain, he feels it perfectly "reasonable" to take more, regardless of how they are prescribed. That is a recipe for disaster. Pain meds are NOT a guaruntee that your pain will stop 100%...and some pain will just be a part of life. It seems he has no concept of this or understanding of the fact.

Same with being tired or hungry...SOOOO many fights when he's tired or hungry because he has ZERO tolerance for anyone or anything. God forbid he get his mind set on something he wants to eat and then somehow he not get is the end of the world and he is pissed at everyone. 

Is this common?