Paranoia and anger with too much medication??

H is taking dexamphetamines under the supervision of a psychiatrist for ADD and depression. He started about 14 months ago. If he doesn't monitor how many he is taking he starts to show paranoia and  anger - which almost brought our marriage undone. He has settled down now and has been regular in taking them. The last few weeks have been busy and it appears he has been erratic in taking his medications - possibly not taking his Prozac and increasing his dexis. A few days ago he totally overreacted to a comment by our 14 year old daughter after being disturbed by some old plates we had thrown in the rubbish. He thought we were plotting something. He became really and angry and grabbed her and pushed her around - saying she was disrespecting him - and yelling and pointing the finger at me. It only settled after I got my 21 year old son to intervene. It scares us. He has never hurt any of us in our 23 years of marriage. But in January he got really angry and pushed me and my chair into a glass door which then broke, and then threatened to punch me in the face. Whilst I trust him, there is a small part of me that wonders 'what if he really cracks this time'. He is a caring and loving man and I know that this angry man is not the man I married.

My questions:

1. Could this be due to his medications? Has anyone else seen this? He refuses to discuss this and says that the family is the issue.

2. He now has become the victim. Today when I tried to discuss what may have caused him to erupt like that - he said that our daughter was disrespectful and it was her fault. When I said that it was not acceptable for him to push her around - he started yelling again saying I am calling him a violent husband and trying to discredit him and we don't support him. He doesn't appear to be responsible for his own behaviour. It's everyone elses fault. Our kids are really good and well behaved.

Your thoughts?