Partner is CONSTANTLY hurting me and himself... Any tips?!

Hello! I'm new to this site and was wondering if I could get some help with a really irritating part of our relationship.

My partner is lovely but has NO spacial awareness and is constantly running into things, bashing himself against something, tripping, bruising himself, or me!! He tells me he's been clumsy his entire life (he has awful stories about getting seriously hurt) but I don't necessarily enjoy being bumped, bashed with an elbow, kicked accidentally, bent the wrong way, etc. He kinda reminds me of Lenny from Of Mice and Men (you know what I'm saying) where he seriously doesn't recognise his own strength. He is also very abrupt in his movements as well so there is never a smooth physical transition, always a shooting upward to stand up or jab of an arm to grab something so I never an able to anticipate his movements (currently I'm trying to type this with a sore wrist because I was cuddling him when he decided to suddenly flex his back into my wrist and pin my hand to the ground) 

It's entirely accidental and he always feels bad for hurting me, but I'm just over it!! Any tips for improving spatial awareness? It would be nice to not have to hold his elbows when I walk behind him to protect myself in case he suddenly gives me a jab!

Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing advice :)