Passive Aggressive? Withdrawing? Withholding? ADD?

I just read this on a site called ""  It really speaks to me.

"The passive aggressive man sabotages his marriage but it takes that one special woman to enable him to do so. That woman who, in dealing with her own issues is attracted to the walking wounded. That woman who goes above and beyond when it comes to making a relationship work.  And, she will continue to attract passive aggressive men until she realizes that, as an adult woman she has the ability to limit how much damage another person can do to her life. Being loved should never mean turning yourself inside out for anyone. Being loved means knowing when to set boundaries, knowing your own worth and if need be, walking away from a man who does nothing but withdraw and withhold what you desire."

I have been turning myself inside out and don't recognize 2 people I once liked and loved - him and me.   I am doing a lot of soul searching and acceptance lately.  I am just sharing because I guess this morning I feel lonely and alone.