Personality Changes with Neurofeedback/Biofeedback?

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD when I visited a therapist a couple of months ago in a desperate attempt to help myself and my son find a way to deal with ongoing emotional abuse from my husband. 

As I read in Dr. Hallowell's book, each treatment plan must take into account the person's strengths.  Well, my biggest strengths are empathy, patience and kindness.  I am a mother to five kids and even though I can be forgetful or distracted at times, I try really super hard to be a good mother to them (and I do all of the childcare, every bit, and have done for years, along with all of the housework).  So I have done a few neurofeedback sessions now, in an attempt to work on myself, and it has helped me to be more focused.  The bad thing is, I can function just fine, aside from little things here and there.  I'd even say I get more done than the average person when my youngest child reaches an age where the child does not require so much on-demand care (it is hard for me to be interrupted over and over to nurse, etc, but I have always tried to do what is best for the kids).  Right now I am still getting up at night with a baby as well as nursing, and handling the demands that are required for taking care of four other kids, so our house is currently disorganized, but I have learned that with a little time, and when I quit nursing, I can get back on top of things.  So, sorry for the rambling, the ADHD should be plenty manageable soon (this baby is my last).  That said, I do not think the ADD equips me to handle my husband effectively, so I guess that is another consideration.

Sorry, long story short, my ADD is pretty mild.  The neurofeedback makes me irritable, and I just don't want to lose the part of my personality that is the best part of me.  I'd rather be kind and a little distracted that focused and not myself or grumpy.  Has anyone else had personality changes with the biofeedback?  I am thinking of trying medication instead, at least if I don't like those results they aren't permanent.

Thank you!