ADD and other things

Can people with ADD have other things as well, like depression?

personality disorders

hi there.

it seems that many symptoms of these disorders..mood..personality ...adhd and even substance abuse are similar.

does your husband drink or take drugs at all?

does he take meds for the mood disorder he was diagnosed with?

it is so confusing... i think they can have adhd and do things  or take things

that make it worse...lots of smoking..caffeine self medicate ..but it ..instead of helping makes it worse.

my bf smokes alot too...drinks alot of caffeine..takes oxycontin for pain..but i think its more an addiction now.

he is restless..talks alot..interrupts me all the he cant control his

words..they just blurt as if his thoughts are fast too..

not necesarily out of rudeness.  he is no picnic to drive he is totally

impatient and always cussing on the road at this and that.

he is disorganized ..his place is quite a mess....yet i see it but he doesnt..

he works ..has worked all his life so can maintain a job.

i just know something is not quite right...

what is the cause im not sure..

he is also a terrible it gets later he seems to wake up...

and his face is very flushed.

my feeling its a combo of things..

any of this familiar to you?