Please add RSS Feed for Comments

This may seem way off topic at first, but it is not. I have ADD and is really strains our marriage to say the least. I have committed to trying to read this site every day to keep me reminded of our struggles.

As someone who has ADD, it is hard for me to remember to visit the site when no new stories or posts are showing up in my RSS Reader.

Could you please enable an RSS feed for comments so I can have the latest comments in front of me as well? I am sure it would help me, and possibly others.


Comment RSS added

Comment RSS feed for all comments added to the bottom of the front page as the second RSS icon, but also available at this link.

An additional RSS icon is now at the bottom of every post, for comments to that post only.

Note also that you can email subscribe to responses to your own comment, such that you will receive an email notification of any additional comments.  Just check the box at the bottom of the comment form.  You must be logged in when commenting for this added functionality.