Please - any experience of this?

My husband and I don't go out very much. Luckily we are both home-bodies and he enjoys going to his football and I have friends that I get together with and a craft class that I enjoy. I know from experience that we rarely have a night out together that is not ruined, usually by his unwillingness to get anywhere on time or his sulkiness once he is there.

However yesterday we had been invited out to lunch by my old school friend and her husband. We have been to their house in the past,but only in a party situation so the four of us have never socialised on our own before. We were having a nice time and a good laugh when the subject arose about finding hair in your food. I have a thyroid condition and therefore lose hair on a daily basis, but I do manage to control things by staying vigilant . My husband suddenly piped up " Don't have food at our house then. She loses her hair in the food all the time".

I felt so shamed and embarrassed and we managed to laugh it off. Later on the subject turned to women having affairs and my husband leaned toward my friends husband and said "I wouldn't care if she wanted to get herself another man, I'd gladly introduce her to someone". Once again I felt shamed and embarrassed.  

The bad thing is that he only ever says things like this about ME. He will tease his adult children (we are both in 2nd time relationship) but would never say things like that.

Does anyone else recognise this and how do you deal with it?