Please Help

We discovered almost 2 years ago my husband had ADD. He was having severe depression and no antidepressants were helping. The facility that he went to had him talked into ECT. Thankfully we got a second opinion and he started in Adderall almost 2 years ago. Shortly before he was properly diagnosed, he was forced to quit his job. Since that time he has been trying to get his own automotive detailing business started. He is not able to be organized or a self started. We have a child and are living off of basically just my income. The financial stress is killing me. He maybe details 2-3 vehicles a MONTH. Most days he sleeps in until at least 10, then does things he deems very valuable (cleaning the garage, maintaining our vehicles, half finishing projects, etc). He stays up until at least 3 am, and the cycle continues. I've told him dozens of times he at least needs a part time job and he disagrees. I pay for everything and last month we almost were overdrawn. I have no extra money to do things I want to do or put into savings. I am angry and resentful. I do not understand how this is an issue. HE NEEDS TO WORK! At times his family will have him do some book work or cleaning on their farm and pay him. His mom tells me they cannot afford to pay him but she doesn't want to upset him because she's scared he'll try to commit suicide--- before he was properly diagnosed and on ADD meds he had suicidal thoughts but has not since. He sees his psych dr every week but nothing is helping. I truly feel if he would have a steady income life would be better and so would our marriage. I feel used and financially abused. I want us to be happy again, not only for us, but for our daughter. Most days im depressed, hopeless, and angry. Help!