Please Help

I was recently diagnosed (psychologist) with ADHD after 20+ years of marriage. I just finished reading Melissa Orlov's book and so much of it applies to my marriage. The issue is that my wife recently filed for divorce (after I started treatment but she only just learned of my diagnosis two days ago) and when I brought up my diagnosis, it was met with great skepticism.  There has been no infidelity in my marriage. My biggest ADD contributiors are inattentiveness (you don't love me, you hate me, you don't like what I do) and spontaneous and/or impulsive behavior. We have had numerous issues with my friendships with women through exercise.  One, although completely platonic, was inappropriate becasue I was texting and emailing and my wife barely knew this person. I also suffer from bursts of anger which fade away almost as quick as they happen. Our marriage has had tons of happiness but when I finished the book I realized so much of it was impacted by ADHD and the symptom-repsonse-response cycle. We have suffered for years.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to alleviate my wife's extreme skepticism...really she's just not interested in hearing it.  I love her very much and wish I had gone to get treatment earlier.  I don't want to lose her but in the end I know that I have to continue treatment. I started just last week with a different psychologist and expert in ADHD. She is amazing just after two visits. I am not medicated because I am still treating for depression from being served divorce papers. 

Please...if anyone has any thoughts (my Doctor said if she's not interested, there's nothing you can do...I get it...I just thought maybe somebody has some experience with another approach) I'd greatly appreciate it.