Please help me understand the split personality

H and I have been together ten years, and there has been boundary issues with other women from the beginning of our marriage. 

I don't know that there have been affairs, though it's very plausible, but he is always talking to new women on social media, texting with female co-workers, etc, and hiding it from me. He is careful to never say he's married. I've confronted him over and over and he acts remorseful and then does it all over again. Every time I confront him he plays dumb like he doesn't see why this particular case is a problem. I am so sad that he doesn't value loyalty and constantly needs this ego stroke.  Most importantly, I don't know that this kind of thing can ever be fixed?


Anyhow, yesterday was the last straw for me. I found pages and pages on our cell bill of him texting with a female co-worker and deleting it. I asked him to leave and we spent our first night apart. I still love him so much but don't know how to stay with him and still protect myself.


The reason I am choosing the communication forum to post this question is because last night he started on a new level of bizarre. We exchanged a few text messages and he was treating me as if I was the one who wronged him. Every text was either cold or passive aggressive and everyone of them painted him as the victim. It adds so much hurt to the mix, because not only do I feel betrayed and heartbroken, but don't event get the respect of him owning my actions and how much he hurt me. Why is he making this my fault? What is going on inside someone to where they would make really shady, hurtful choices and then be cruel to those they hurt? I really want to understand.