Please Help! Need a Referral and Advice!!

I received an ADD diagnosis three years ago while being evaluated for an ADD study. I saw an advertisement for the study and decided to sign up because so many of the ADD symptoms seemed to apply to me. The study was a double-blind study using Concerta as a medication. I seemed to get some benefit from the Concert ( I found out later that I was indeed on actual Concerta, not the placebo ). Anyway, to make a long story short, I had to leave the study before its conclusion because of my work. Since that time I have not been on any medication for my ADD. Recently though, I seem to notice once all over again how much ADD has had a debilitating effect on my work and personal life.

        Well prior to being diagnosed with ADD for that study, I was treated for depression. I tried many different ant-depressants, including Zoloft (or sertraline), Proza, Wellbutrin, and Paxil . Of course at the time I did not realize that I had ADD, and my doctor did not recognize it either. All the anti-depressants I tried made me extremely groggy and want to sleep all the time. In addition, I gained weight and my productivity plummeted. I did feel less depressed, but the sleepy-headedness I experienced made staying on the meds untenable. I stopped taking them and just tried to take a lot of fish oil and exercise a lot more. That helped a little-- and at least I was able to stay awake-- but recently a friend told me that there are good meds available for people with my kind of ADD.

      Basically, I have problems with forgetfulness like constantly leaving rooms without items I brought in with me, leaving rooms with lights/TV/computer on, etc. In addition, a major problem is my spacing out during conversations and reading. I do not really have so much of a problem with hyperactivity, risk-taking or poor social skills, I just really need something that will help with my forgetfulness and spacing out. Ideally, I'd like a medication that will let me sleep at night, and, lastly, I'd like not to have to keep taking pills every 4 hours during the day. Any suggestions? I may need a med that also helps my depression but even if I could just get a drug for my forgetfulness and inattention I would be thrilled! Have folks noticed that they have really seen improvement by taking meds for forgetfulness and inattention?  Have the meds proven to be more than a short-term solution?     

           The next thing I need help with, and this is very important, is a recommendation on a good doctor who takes MassHealth. I am presently out of work and it is vital that I find a doctor who accepts MassHealth insurance. I live in the Beverly ( MA ) area but am willing to travel if necessary. Money is an important consideration these days, but I also need a doctor who specializes in working with adult ADD. I simply can not afford to go to The Halowell Center.

        I really appreciate any one who makes the effort to help me out. I am so compromised in my day to day life that I am extremely depressed about my future. Thanks very much for your help!