The plot thickens...Marijuana abuse....


I am going to be quite frank here and very flat out spoken,Not only my sweet husband verbally abuses me constantly all the time, and, cheats with his constant undressing the ladies with his big 4 eyes,not only he curses,threatens,embarrasses me,flat out bold face and a bully,not only does he likes to control every situation in front of him.Controlling,manipulative,evil,,irresponsible,alcohol abuse,drugs abuse,marijuana addiction,porn addiction,gambling addiction,bad money management,anger out burst,tantrums,mood swings,depressions,bad talks me in his work,all the freaking time OMG!!! the list continues,flat out crazy,flat out nasty.


Today is a big day for me...HIP HIP(HOORAY),

He lies,lies lies lies,all the time,he steals,he grunts,he betrayed me big big big time....My sweet,supposedly husband,for richer or for poorer,for the better and not this blinking worse, has drive a knife straight in to my heart'..

I am crying,I am in a mess.

He smokes heavy marijuana...when he use to live with me,my room here at my house is next to my mother's,my kids 9 and 15 live with me,he had no where else to go(live)no one in his family wanted him next to them.I felt pity,I loved him,I tried to do some good for a stranger at my house at the time,I married a stranger.I told DH to please smoke the marijuana outside the house,My son,my 15 year old son was curious? what is marijuana? he is sooooo young and my nice supposedly hubby gave my 15 year old (CHILD)son, marijuana to smoke and the child only came to me tonight telling me that my husband gave him the weed, when I thought that he got it from friends 6 months ago, and he only now came and told me frighten like a cat to tell me, but opened up to me tonight b/c he knew that hubby and myself are not talking presently....WOW!!! what a nasty disgraceful human being...why? he would never ever ever give his kids marijuana to smoke,why? why? would he do that to my child...when he was supposed to look out for the kids best interest if he truly loved me...I am in a false marriage...I am dumb struck by this.I am mentally challenged by this....I hold my peace and my sanity for the sake of my love ones and my dignity..I felt like the knife stabbed me 10,0000 times about my body,I am very hurt by this...this one is tooo much for me now...

I rest my case...I am not going back...