Pompous and arrogant or just confident?

Pompous and arrogant or just confident? So months ago I saw that one of my fave singers would be in town. I splurged on tickets and invited my husband since, after all, we are married. I would have loved to take my girlfriend or sister. I wondered what the "date" would be like, if he would be irritable and ruin it all. Well, the day came, yesterday and I had all planned, printed out directions and picked a great place to eat. First thing he asked is how do we get there. He got irritable when I had directions he was unfamiliar with. I thought, here it goes. So after flailing him arms a few seconds, and seeing that I was firm with him he said ,"fine, whatever". I then shut down, breathe and play music in my head to drown out my wanting to jump out of the car. :) Then he warms up again. Then he got in the wrong lane and was upset that no one would let him back in the right lane and starts snapping his teeth and waving arms around again. It is at this point that I always ask myself WHY I AM SO NICE and once again try this date night thing. I don't know, I just want what others have, maybe? So I keep saying that I really did this for me...after all, I just love Josh Groban! So we get to the restaurant and I post some pics of my food and where we are and he gets a call from his boss "what are you doing" and H looks at me serious, points at my face and says, "YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP POSTING ON FACEBOOK!" I stared him down and deleted HIM from the posting. Wish granted. He apologized and said he felt stalked. He asked if I as mad. I told him that I did just what he wanted. That won't happen again. So much for trying to be a normal couple that does things and sharing with friends. Here is the worst part: We get to the theatre and sat at top of the balcony area. Some people were already there. I joked about how I didn't realize these were nosebleed seats but at least we can still afford our rent. Everyone chuckled and he says, "This is where the cool people sit and just for sitting here..." He breaks out his business card (he is a DJ) and starts giving them out and he says, "You are sitting with a star!" OMG. I hear, "Oh you are a dj". I stayed quiet and stared straight ahead. Does everything have to be about him and his amazingness? This is a date night, right? He also broke out his phone and starts playing a video game. I would love a cultured man, one who was humble and didn't need to pat himself on the back every moment he gets. Time and place for everything. He interrupted a couples romantic breakfast to give them his card since he saw her engagement ring. He also gave it to a waitress years ago and said, "This is who I am." She said, "And who exactly are you?" How about start with saying your name not your title of "the best DJ in the universe?" Such a turn off. Then he held my hand briefly during the concert but its hard to be romantic with behavior like that. I can't fake it. He is a turn off. So, is this charm, conceit, confidence, obnoxious, pompous? He would say he is taking opportunity to make us money but why call yourself a star? Why bring undue attention to yourself? Very ugly. I just breathed deep, said its not a reflection on me and enjoyed the concert so much! I was in heaven and the music filled up my heart so much and took me away to another place for 2 hrs. Would love to be able to enjoy it because I was with him. I would say, this is the last time I do this but that is not me. However, I will do more with my friends like vacation, beach, movies etc. Husband works most evenings so I will go out at those times. He is Djing a wedding where the groom is Irish and I heard from my friends that my H, the DJ is wearing a kilt ALSO. Why??? And he wants to sing to them too. Our friends will say "of course he is wearing a kilt" they will understand and I will sit there breathing deeply knowing that is all about him and not me. Mind you, HE has not told me he is wearing a kilt. Even if he did, the answer is "do what you want." Patience and endurance...patience and endurance.