So I'm new to this forum and from the posts I've begun reading, we are ALL experiencing the same issues, anger, frustration, no sex, it's all our fault.... The list goes on.

What I'm pondering is my DH wasn't like this PRIOR to taking the meds, so why do the meds bring out these behaviors? Why is he an asshole now when he never was to me before? Why am I not allowed to give my opinion or a suggestion without him taking it as unsolicited advice? Why do I have to ignore the hateful things that come out of his mouth now, and not take them personal?  Why do I have to change EVERYTHING I normally do because his brain works different in the meds. 


What i am really pondering is whether everyone is experiencing these same issues with their ADHD spouse if our spouses are all taking amphatemines? Or do ALL ADHD meds make our spouses be zombies, showing no feeling or emotion? We have been traveling home, 10 hours in the car, he's only touched my arm once! I got one hug and kiss this morning, only cause it's my birthday and he brought me flowers and a Balloon. I miss the old him!