Poor decision making. Please help.

I realized today that "poor decision making" is a character trait that has negatively affected me for all of my 61 years. (I am male and on ADHD medication).  Example of how this plays out with my wife of 37 years:  She likes plants, gardens, flowers, etc. in our yard. When I am: weed eating, using 'Round-Up,' or cutting the grass, I often get so close to the garden, plants, etc. that I kill or damage plants. My wife is at her 'wits end' because she feels like I do this on purpose to hurt her. Today, after another incident, I realized that these acts are a result of my "poor thinking and decision making." I know in my mind not to get too close to a plant, but my thoughts focus on getting the area as clean as possible and as close as possible to the plant. Then, of course, I get too close, cause damage, feel terrible myself, and send my wife into orbit with the anger and frustration of these events happening again.

Another area that frustrates me with my poor decision making happens when I need to, or want to, buy an item. I obsess over which model/style  to buy, procrastinate making the purchase, and usually after making the purchase I am filled with "Buyers Remorse."  Should have bought a different model, or should have bought sooner, or shouldn't have bought at all, etc.

Can you suggest help for my "poor decision making" please?