Is possessiveness normal?

For almost a year now my ADHD husband has become literally glued to me.  If I want to go out with a friend or even my mother I get a massive guilt trip or met with an angry response and typically I give in and simply don't go.  He wants to ride to work together everyday if possible.  If I decide to go to bed early to read or watch a show he immediately starts locking up and heads to bed with me.  If he is going to bed he locks up and turns things off under the assumption that I am going to bed as well.  If he has to work late and I am home alone for the evening (which is such a rare occasion) he comes in all depressed and upset that he wasn't home with me the entire time.  All of this means that any time to myself is a very, very rare thing.  This just makes me more and more resentful of him and leads me to find any reason I can to get away even if for an hour.  We are also having issues with touching.  He touches me all of the time.  In the car he is either rubbing my leg or playing with my hair.  In bed he is rubbing on me or literally laying on me or has to be touching me in some way.  I love affection as much as the next person but it becomes such an aggravation at times.  I am just curious if this is normal?  Is this a common issue for couples dealing with ADHD or should I be looking for other reasons for his behavior?