Post Divorce


This is the first time I've had the opportunity to submitt a "blog" so I hope it will be read by others. I am 48 years old and diagnosed for about 7 years with ADD. My concerns for men are, That I am only hearing about the concerns  from women, complaining about mens ADD or ADHD and about the mans inabilities , but I don't hear about the men's concerns in the women's "inabilities". Maybe its the idea that todays woman is asking for alot from todays man. Maybe to much from todays man. And since this is a forum about feelings and beliefs, and we are living in America, I am one man who tried eveything I could(given the schedules I had to work with in my life and business) to 1) find out what was wrong with me.2) Read several of Dr. Hallowells and Mr. Ratey's books and 3) Medicate myself with through the Institute of Living in Hartford CT. 4) Seek counseling 5) Pay for these Medical services and Medications 6) Explore alternative ways of treating ADD with excersize and Fish oil. 7) Get as involved with my childrens life to seek remedies if needed to facilitate a transition to a childs copiing with ADD. and on and on. The work never stops.

To make a long story short, now that I am divorced, what can you offer to a divorced man who still feels partially lower in  the self esteem department because of the lonliness, and isolation, and over-compensation that goes along with ADD and being divorced??

It sounds like a pandemic when I go onto your site. I recently was sent an article about ADD from the Sun Sentinel Paper in Florida,and Dr. Hallowell was quoted as saying what blessing it is to have an ADD brain. Its "like a race car and all you have to do is know how to apply the brakes"    What more can be done to help those who want to help themselves?The critic in the Sentinel said (another Doctor) " Its not that simple and there are many people with severe ADD that need help and knowing how to put the brakes on may not just require medication" And what do you offer POST divorce for those who have tried ?

So I am hoping that on your site , you can be a little more informative/helpful when you offer a blog to vent. Your responses should be more helpful, since ADDers like myself could get the wrong idea.

Ron Z.