Pregnant with ADD

I am glad I happened to see Dr. Phil's show tonight, as I love this web site.  I have read so much already on women dealing with husbands who have ADD but not much on woman who are the ones with ADD.  My husband and I have been struggling with the same issues since our marriage began, most of which have to deal with my ADD symptoms/actions and the way my husband deals with them.  I took the innitiative to try everything to change myself and after finding it impossible, seeked professional help.  I was very depressed and losing sleep due to extreme anxiety, but after seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with ADD.  Medication made a night and day difference.  Although the problems did not go away 100%, they truely made our marriage so much happier.  My problem right now is that I am pregnant and having to learn to deal with my ADD without medication.  I feel like I am having to start all over again with nowhere to go.  It makes it very difficult that I know that I have a true medical problem and that there is medication that helps - BUT I CAN'T TAKE IT WHILE PREGNANT!  My husband seems to have absolutely no undertstanding about how difficult this is for me - physically and mentally.  He is back to the constant nagging and put downs and doesn't understand why I can't just "get it done".  Do you have any insight on things that I can do to deal with my ADD for the next nine months (actually seven to go).  I am having such a hard to convincing myself that I can do this for seven more months.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.