Presenting wife with ADHD and Marriage is/has backfired

Well, my new friends in ADHD, my purchase of the book I was hoping would help save things and bring about new understanding is actually backfiring. 

My wife, who is only about a fourth of the way into the book is now using what she is reading against me. Saying things like "you see what your doing wrong, do you see now why I'm so mad and what you are not doing".   She just about threw it at me yesterday in anger. 

Do you see what I mean in my last post about "owing her" how negative and narrow minded she is?  She was primping quite early this morning and I asked where she was going and she just said she didn't know. Then 10 min later says I'm going to look at and price an apartment for me. So she is just bailing or is making a threat. I think the later. She can't afford that unless she is hoarding more money than I already suspect. 

So the communication line closed once again. She won't talk about anything. This started while we were walking the dogs yesterday all the while griping about how I let one run free down our dead end street. I said something about that was something nice about when we lived in the country. The dogs could run free and have all the fun they wanted. Well we lost one to the highway on the edge of the property and she very rudely and satirically said "oh yeah, if you want them killed". Well I felt I was saying something cheerful and positive and as quite usual she just sees and tells me about the wrong in what I just said. She does this constantly. If I say something it's wrong.... No matter what!  All I want in this matter is to stop being so negative about EVERYTHING.  Oh, and keep communications open always.  Don't shut the door!

Apartment hunting!?  Good luck paying an apartment rent and a house mortgage!   (On a teacher's salary)