Pressures upon a spouse

I (male, 52) have ADD. My son (15) has ADHD. My wife (47) and daughter (14) have no similar condition. I have been a well paid executive for many years. But I've been in and out of work. I've been fired 3 times for (in my view) no good reason. My face simply does not seem to fit, despite often outstanding performance. I've been unemployed for 2 1/2 years in the past 12 years (we've been married 17 years). We've had to down size our house twice previously to compensate for my loss of income. My wife has gone from part-time, medium grade management roles to full-time, executive roles on two occasions, not out of choice, but to compensate for my lack of job/earnings. When returning to employment, I've often had to take junior roles, with a commensurate hit to earnings, and work my way up again. I really try to get it right at work. I've been medicated for about 4 years (I've been sacked twice in that time - by that measure, the meds seem to be making things worse!). I was last fired in Jan 2016. My wife was promoted at that same time to a very senior role. So we've had a (enforced) role reversal. Sounds good, but it isn't. My wife wants to work part time at a more modest level and look after the kids. I want to work, to give my wife the arrangement she wants. Neither of us have what we want. Should I go back to work and my wife step towards her preferred level? My going back to work would mean: a) lower household income; and b) - and more importantly - the risk of me being fired again (we cannot take / afford many more financial hits). We would do this for sure if I could rely on my employer judging me on my performance, as opposed to my personality (I don't feel odd, but people (at all levels) often seem to take against me). I am racked with guilt for putting my wife in a position she does not desire. She is racked with earnings pressure, work-related stress and feeling too far removed from our children. What to do? My wife is worried about me, and about our son. She is torn between being a financial provider and being a parent. I am torn between trying to help my wife get into a situation she prefers and potentially making things worse for her. Truthfully, I don't mind which role I fulfill - earner or parent (I cannot easily do both, as there is no local employment for the skills I have in the industry in which I work). I do realise I'm lucky to have a stunning, capable wife. I guess this comes down to my worries about my wife. Hoe should i best support her? Should I encourage her to stay in her work role, find new ways to include her in the kids' activities and lives and try and make her current set-up more bearable to her, or should I go back to work and let her take on the role she wants, accepting that may bring my job insecurity risks? Thoughts and ideas on this issue especially, but on other issues too, would be welcomed. Thanks