I just read the book and am shocked at how well it describes my marriage. I have been with my husband for 30 years; married for 21. And it's always been the same. He has never been officially diagnosed with ADHD, but he will admit that he probably has it. He's not overly assertive about trying to get help. The whole courtship thing doesn't really apply to  us, but the parent-child relationship part hits it on the head. I often feel alone (like I am living with a roommate) and I'm in charge of everything. My husband is very good at making sure that he addresses things on his own to-do list, but as far as things that are related to general home needs, he can't focus. He often makes his own plans for the day without any regard to things that I may have planned or need to have done. One thing he does, that drives me crazy (and I haven't seen anyone else mention) is procrastinate. If we are trying to get ready to leave the house to go somewhere, at the very last minute (as we're all piling into the car) he will decide it's time to mop the kitchen floor, rake up leaves or vacuum the car. All of a sudden, he gets very task-oriented. This happens a lot! Is this a symptom of ADHD? Does anyone else experience this? Would love feedback. Thanks.