I am trying to understand my wife's challenges with procrastination. She has recently been diagnosed with "non-traditional" ADD inattentive type. I think the diagnosis is vague because the therapist may see other issues. The thing that is puzzling to me is that she will not procrastinate if the task she has to do involves something that will result in people outside of our family (myself and two young boys) seeing or perhaps judging her. If someone has ADD, surely the procrastination occurs in both places - within the family and outside it. Can anyone help me to understand this as I find it frustrating? If she can do things on-time for others, why can she not do it for those that she loves? Is it just that her fear of being judged by others keeps her focused whereas she does not fear or care about being judged at home? Or is it that she is trying to provoke me to try to create conflict? Conflict that I am pleased to say does not occur because now, with the understanding of ADD, I am able to see it for what it is and refuse to be hooked. Thanks and all the best to you all, CG.