professional organizer?

Im curious if anyone on here has ever tried a professional organizer to help manage some of the time management/organization issues with their spouse. I hadn't considered it before because I figured it would cost too much or that it wouldn't be worth it. But after looking into tonight I think I want to give it a try. Especially since my husband is starting a new semester in school so its prime timing for it. 

Julia Morgenstern

Organization/Time management books by Julia Morgenstern are good.  Not for your husband to read, but for you to read and help him try the methods...  I am the ADHD wife in my marriage and I read the books, but got waaaay overwhelmed when I tried to impliment the steps - prioritization for me is still a nightmare.  but 'time-mapping' was very helpful to me and let my husband know where my time goes (ie - i'm not 'sitting around eating bon-bons' like many believe stay-at-home-moms do)

Hi, ellamenno

...but 'time-mapping' was very helpful to me...

I agree with this.  When I want to know what's going on, I time certain activities for a week or two and write it down.  Sometimes in different scenarios (ex:  commuting in snow vs. "normal" weather).

 ...and let my husband know where my time goes...

Yeah, because if you try to say your own estimate of time based on, say, your inherent powers of temporal awareness, something tells me you will be doubted, much like I am ;).


...(ie - i'm not 'sitting around eating bon-bons' like many believe stay-at-home-moms do).

I don't know who these people are, but they are wrong.   Staying at home is challenging!  Also, when I'm home in the summer, it is so much more difficult for me on a day-to-day basis, because my school day provides structure for me that my ADHD brain so desperately craves...  I'm better with big projects, but the normal routine suffers.

Time management

My wife is a professional organizer. (She found most time management tips just did not work for me, until she found a book called Time Management for Unmanageable people." by Ann McGee Cooper. Okay so the title is a little off putting as an ADHDer but it is really outside the box thinking and we found it very helpful. If you do choose a pro organizer, make sure He/She really understands ADD and has some experience with it.

First, you'd have to get his attention and cooperation

I've read all kinds of books and websites about decluttering and organizing for "visual", "right brained", "creative" and ADHD people in a losing attempt to help my husband get a handle on things.    I've tried implementing some of the ideas, such as labeling EVERYTHING, having a "landing place" to put your keys, etc., when you come in the house, having things out in bins or other open storage so the person can see them....

It only works if the right brained creative ADD person will actually use the systems. My husband ignores the 'landing place'.  He doesn't read the labels.   He says he hates being disorganized but will not read the books (or even single pages I mark).   He shuts down when I ask how I can help him make a system that will work for him.( I really try nicely and in a positive way- not judgmental.)  All he says is that if he just had *time* to  organize, he would get it done-- he does not need any new systems.  The time never comes, of course.


Sounds like he really like

Sounds like he really like himself the way he is.  And you can take it or leave it.  hmmmm....   I am in the same situation.

he says he doesn't , though

But he * says* he hates being disorganized and losing things and that he wants to clean things up.  His actions (or lack of action) seem to say otherwise.  I think he is so off on his own little planet that he doesn't see the contradiction.