Progress I am making (by myself) and hope (I feel)

Today is my 29th wedding anniversary.  My husband mostly lives with his parents. He never initiates communication, and today was no different on that score.  Although I felt kind of sad this morning, the day has actually been pretty good.  I worked at home (my job has been a financial and emotional lifesaver); I finished reading a book (I have lots of time to read); I walked and played with my new dog (she's been with me for a month; she's much friendlier than my husband); I did some cleaning and straightening up (a task that has always fallen to me, even though most of the stuff in the house belongs to my husband and my daughters).  One thing I didn't do:  contact my husband.  If I said "Happy Anniversary," I'd be lying; it's not a happy occasion for me.  If I said the truth, he'd either not respond or criticize me for my honesty.