project after project

My husband built a garage about 2 to 3 years ago.  He wanted a garage for almost 16 years before he actually got it built.  It is a huge garage, 40X60, to be exact and we live on an acre lot.  He has accumulated so many old junk vehicles and treasures to him that we got in trouble with planning and zoning.  He avoided the letters for a very long time until this past year they sent us certified letters about the matter and now I am dealing with something I had nothing to do with but because My name is on the deed I am responsible for his doing.  He blames Planning and Zoning not himself for all the things he has put on our property.  He has this huge building and it is full and can't hardly walk in it and we have lots outside the building that is causing us trouble with the law.  This building has caused much trouble for me for so many reasons.  He locks himself inside that building for hours and he can't stay out of that building 1 day.  The weekends should be time for us to do things together and I feel he is cheating on me with all his treasures and things back at the building.  I can't help but to nag and complain and then I get irrate that he can't think of me or planning things with me for the fact that so many things he has bought have missing parts to finish anything.  How do I deal with this type of maddness???