My bf gets excited about various projects and doesn't see them through; I understand this and it doesn't bother me too much. Something I am having difficulty understanding is how sometimes he becomes interested in a strange project and suddenly it's a priority. For example, lately he has decided that building a wine rack for his car (you read that correctly) is a priority. He has a large subwoofer and tinted windows in this '97 wagon, and I know part of the appeal of such a ridiculous project is simply that--it's ridiculous. (It would be in the floor compartment of the trunk, which he can lock.) My bf is newly an attorney, I think this is one of his less than wise ideas. Never mind the fact that he is living in three different places right now to get to his job (his cousins', which is closest to work, my place, and his parents' place where all of his stuff is) and is overwhelmed with things like commuting, making sure he has clothes, and planning meals. I asked him why he wants a wine rack in his car, and he said because it would make him happy. When I asked why, he told me that he "is crazy and does crazy things sometimes." He also said that "it's never a bad time to have a trunk full of booze." Oh really? I can think of a few scenarios. He was not a drinker at all until law school, when he started hanging out with some people (non-law school) who party too hard and are a bad influence. Also, alcoholism and a penchant for Manhattans runs in his family. He has pulled back on the partying and I'm not too worried, but I wonder if he wants to make his car so outrageous so he can be thought of as cool (he has always struggled with fitting in). If not, it makes even less sense to me.

I am stumped... he has had some irrational ideas before, but I don't get this one at all. I know he likes to be "obnoxious" for its own sake because it amuses him, and usually me, but this idea is confusing to me. Oh and he wants a train horn for the car, which I'm pretty sure is illegal. Does anyone else's spouse or significant other come up with similar wild projects?