Psychology vs. Psychiatry


I'm new to the site, and finally posting.  My husband and I think that he has ADHD for all the reasons that I've seen echoed here.  He's admitted that he's always thought that he had it and should have sought treatment as a child, but that's not really something his family would have supported or saught out on his behalf.  However, he's never officially been diagnosed, but has recently agreed to meet with someone for a diagnosis/treatment (assming that whoever he sees confirms the self diagnosis).  He's against taking medications, which I support, for now.  I'm comfortable with him trying a more therapeutic technique to begin with, but if he doesn't follow through or it's not working, I've told him that we may NEED to consider medication in the future (for both of our sanity).  My main question is- where do we start with a diagnosis?  Have you had better luck with psychiatrists or psychologists?  Knowing that he's anti meds (at least at this point) has me leaning towards a psychologist, but I'm not certain that's accurate. 

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I've been reading these forums for quite some time (and have tried to implement several ideas here, which have worked wonderfully- I haven't had to pick up his dirty boxers in over a month!), and I really appreciate and value the opinions and experiences that I've seen.  It's one of those 'ah-ha' moments, to read some of these posts and relate so very well to them!

Thanks so much!