Question about inattentive type of ADD

I've suspected for awhile that I have inattentive ADD, but haven't been diagnosed.  I've always had trouble staying focused, (in kindergarten I often had to do my work at the teacher's desk or it wouldn't get done) and it's impacted my career, (or lack thereof) and is affecting my marriage.  I lack motivation, have low self-esteem, and have trouble setting or attaining goals.  I will get excited about doing something and be into it for awhile and then it just fizzles out and something else will take its place.  

It's gotten to the point where my husband is frustrated with me, and I'm frustrated with myself but can't seem to change.  The main thing that bothers my husband is that when I have a job, I am much more focused because I have structure, and a schedule and deadlines, but can't seem to do this at home.  To him that means that I don't really WANT to do anything at home (chores, planning, etc.).  So, does that mean I really AM just lazy and unmotivated?  

Does anybody with this type of ADD find that having structure at work helps them to stay focused, and if so, how do you carry that over to your home life?  If I don't have deadlines or consequences for things, I just tend to put them off or forget about them.