Question about untreated ADD

I keep reading from members here that they feel their spouses ADD has gradually gotten worse over time, and blame this on the condition being left untreated. Is this common? Does being left 'untreated' include medication? My husband is trying to avoid meds, and I am 100% supportive of that decision. I am VERY gun shy when it comes to meds. For years he was mis-diagnosed and given anti-depressants and they ALWAYS made him very moody and irritable and MUCH worse than without them. He was even given Concerta once when a GP diagnosed him with 'possible' ADD and apparently figured 'what the hell' and honestly it made him the same...markedly moody and irritable. Last fall when he went off the deep end and I asked him to leave he went on Effexor (I think...some anti-depressant) and I blame it for a lot of the "monster" I dealt with for the 2 months he was on it...he was an emotional mess. I can understand why the ADs didn't work, since depression is not the accurate diagnosis, but the concerta made him horrible I am terrified at the thoughts of meds.

Anyway..we're starting counseling tomorrow and I'm anxious to know if it is true that ADD is like any other 'disorder' and gets worse if left untreated (such as depression or bipolar).