Question: ADD/ADHD and OCD and / or ODD

Happy new year everybody,

I'm interested in hearing, if anybody knows, how common it is for an ADD/ADHD person to also have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and / or ODD (oppositiona defiant disorder). What do the statistics say, anybody?

My spouse was diagnosed with tourette at the age of 12, OCD at some later stage. I also found out, not so long ago, that my spouse had also at some time been diagnosed with ODD.  Only recenty (about 9 months ago) my spouse was diagnosed with ADHD.

After doing some basic reading on OCD and ODD, I can't help to feel that it does explain why me and my spouse, just don't seem to be able to have a discussion about anything were we don't share the same view (especially our relationship) without going in circles or get stuck on some (often) minor item (minor in my view).  There is just never any resut from our conversations.