Question- I'm new

I've been reading a lot on this site.  It has been extremely helpful and certainly makes me realize I am not alone.  My question is this.  I see most all people seem to have an issue with their ADHD spouses being procrastinators, late, and financially lacking (paying bills late or can't keep a job) But my DH is the exact opposite of this.  He is early to everything- to a fault, the minute a bill comes in he pays it, he has had the same job for 14 years, and 12 on the job before that.  These are very good things, but can be very frustrating. He gets aggravated if he seems like he won't be 10 minutes early to the party.  Or if there is a discrepancy on a bill it makes him so anxious I have to make the call to find out what the issue is.  This does not seem to fit the profile for an ADHD adult, yet he has all the other "symptoms".  What do you make of that.