A question resulting from reading Melissa's book

I am part-way through reading Melissa's book The ADHD effect on marriage - it is very good and just just bought my husband and his (|Dutch) counsellor a copy each. Are there any plans for it to be translated into Dutch?


However on page 192 about boundaries -   she talks about "BS" monitors, it's lost me completely - anyone know what this refers to?


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Dutch translation coming

Yes, actually, the book is being translated into Dutch (please spread the word to your friends!)  Not sure of the publish date, though I will announce it at this site.  It is also being translated into Mandarin Chinese...

"BS monitor" stands for "bullshit monitor" which in the reference on p. 192 means that you try your ideas out on others.  If they think they are baloney or a joke or not at all realistic (i.e. you are trying to kid yourself) then you need to take another look at the idea - one that doesn't include wishful thinking.