A Question for those diagnosed add/adhd - it's an easy one :)

I'm hoping that you can give me some ideas on how you might best respond to this little chronic issue I am having.

My husband sets the alarm clock to go off early, same time each day. We don't need to get up at that time, but one out of 10 or 12 times, he does, to go in to work early.

The other 9-11 times, he shuts it off and returns to sleep.

Returning to sleep is not an option for me. It takes him so long to turn it off that I am Up by then.

I do not know how to discuss this with him without triggering an argument. I would not participate in the argument; I would likely just give up and remain silent; but this is really becoming a more serious issue for me, because my reaction is to not want to interact with him at nighttime, since I feel like then I'm being "put upon" at both ends of the day!

Please help with some thoughts about how your significant other might best touch your heart and bring about results. Thanks!!