Questions for new counselors?

My Husband and I employed the services of a counselor, I was adamant that he not counsel my ADD Husband alone as he would be manipulated and not get a clear picture of problems.  My Husband likes to present himself in a positive light, and is defensive, and presents me in a negative light.  Our marriage was in serious trouble, and I told him if he did this we would fail and end up divorced.  Well, this has happened, he met with us twice, fell prey to my husband's manipulations, and I haven't seen him since.  My Husband realizes now that it was a mistake and wants me to go with him to his appointment today.  He's told me that they're working on teaching him how to get into a routine.  My husband is obsessive about his routine, this has NEVER been a problem, he does NOT need help with this and he knows it.  He needs help with serious issues such as negative interpretations of everything that is said to him by me & the kids; inaccurate memories of name calling etc.; demanding a divorce; anger issues; etc.  His medication has been a miracle, now he needs therapy and he's very receptive to it. He realizes this guy has no experience with Adult diagnosed ADD, coupled with parents who put him down and destroyed his self worth and esteem for years.  But we have very limited resources in our area, and this guy advertises as an "expert" in the area of ADHD treatment, and I'd like to take this opportunity to ask him questions in a respectful way that will provide him insight into just how little he knows.  I've suspected for 2 months that he didn't want me in the sessions because I know more than he does about this, and I called him on his methods/plans for treatment.  Now that I'm facing a divorce, and we're both angry that we're in this situation and don't know if it can be saved, I don't want this man to treat anyone else with the problems my Husband has until he chooses to learn what he needs to know to do it properly.  Any help would be appreciated.