Rant about husband, stepdaughter and long weekend at the motorcycle track!

Well I can't say I'm looking forward to this long Memorial Day weekend at the motorcycle track with H and SD. H wants to leave on Friday afternoon, but I can't take the day off. I can get off early and be home by 1PM but I can see him saying he'll just load up the truck and hook up the trailer and pick me up at work on the way down. I want to come home and shower and just generally make sure the house is in decent shape before leaving for 3 days. Then there's the whole having to pick SD up at the train station on the way there, but we'd need to pick her up at a different train station than usual that we've never been to closer to the track. So we need to make sure we leave the house in time to get her even though it will be Friday afternoon Memorial Day traffic going through a major city with major backups. I hate the fact that we have to add her pick up into the mix of all the other chaos. H will not think this out until the last minute and then be stressed and pissy about it.

We will spend Friday night at the track in the trailer, but H was nice enough to get a motel room for Sat/Sun. I can deal with the long weekend then as long as I know I have a shower and a bed at the end of the day. But now that we have a motel room I just know I am going to be hearing from SD "Can we go back and hang in the room and watch tv" or "Can we go to the mall?"Anything but hanging out at the track. H will be so amped up about racing and he'll be around all his buddies and talking bikes and wandering off to who knows where without a word to me that I will wonder why he insisted SD come up for the weekend. He has already said that SD and I can stay in the hotel room on Sunday night but he'll probably stay at the track so he can party with the guys! Really? WHY are you dying for SD to be there when I know you are going to pawn her off on me the whole weekend?? I'm sure he'll tell me right in front of her "Well I know you get bored here too so if you 2 want to go do girl's stuff somewhere you can." Of course she'll jump at that. I think he wants her there so he can show off to her and also show his buddies "Hey here's my daughter I'm always talking about".

Oh and then there's the fact that H's bike has been at the dealership for 3 weeks now because he blew out the computer in it and it had to be sent to the factory. They were able to fix it but it doesn't mean his bike will necessarily run. The dealership may got it back yesterday, but they don't open again until Tuesday and since I need to take the truck to work (which is the only vehicle that can haul the trailer to pick up the bike) because he bought a manual car that I can't drive then he will expect me to haul the trailer to work and find a place to park it and then make a detour on my way home from work to pick up the bike. There's no other way to get the bike before next Friday unless he either drives the truck and drops me off at the train station before he goes to work (which he won't because he'd have to let me sit there for 2 hours before a train would be able to take me) and pick it up himself after work or wait to go pick it up after I get home, which wouldn't be until about 5PM and he'd have to hook up the trailer and drive tot he shop before 6PM when they close which would be nearly impossible. And it's always me who has to sacrifice something because he didn't think things out. He'll either want me to take the day off or get off early to go do this for him.

The fact that he's already got it in his mind that Sunday night he's going to stay at the track and party with the guys while SD and I go back to the hotel room speaks volumes, don't you think? WHY are you so adamant about SD being there for the weekend when you are already planning your party time with the guys? AND he's already said that it might be a case of we go down to the track before SD's train gets in and then HE'LL send ME to the station (an hour round trip) to go get her while he gets things organized at the track. Then he'll send us to the hotel on Saturday afternoon to check in while he's doing his thing at the track.

It just seems like I am there to run his errands that he doesn't want to do so all he has to focus on is the racing!