Re: ADHD husband excessive anxiety, lack of sleep

I was just wondering how many people here have ADHD spouses who have extreme anxiety and/or sleepless nights with then sleeping during the day? My husband has both of these, and lately it's been way past the extreme point. He's worried about money, and rightfully so, since we are again on the brink of bankruptcy, but he handles all the finances, and we've never been able to get past "just getting by". (even with him making a good salary, and when we were both working)

     I also know that many ADHD'ers will stay up until about 3am, doing different things, THEN go to bed, and the same is with him also. But, now he isn't sleeping much at ALL at night, but then sleeps during the day, He does have a C-pap machine, which helps, but this goes way past using a machine. He also has EXTREME anxiety, which seems out of control now. I don't think he's been HONEST with his doctor, even if he THINKS he has been. I've been with him, at times, and he doesn't ACTUALLY tell the doctor what's really going on, but when we get in the car, he really thinks he DID tell him. (he didn't/or doesn't) Doctors need to know EVERY detail of what's going on with us, and need us to VERBALIZE this, otherwise they don't know what's going on, and I've tried for years to tell him this, but he only gets angry, so I quit saying anything about it at all. But, now, his anxiety is out of control, and I KNOW he hasn't told the doctor how severe it is. I wish the doctor would talk to ME, especially since he knows that my husband is ADHD.  Do you guys think the doctor would let me call him and say anything? Some don't like this. Just asking.