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Melissa Just a thought.  I know that this is a forum for adults but I was wondering if because this forum is so helpful for adults could you have a forum for children of Adhd. I have a son with Adhd/Odd and I think his older brother had a mild case of Adhd. I think it would be so helpful as I have been searching for a forum and not really finding something useful. Any suggestions??? life with a special needs kid can be hard as well. Thanks for any help....

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New Forum Suggestion

How about a forum for the non-ADD spouse of an ADD spouse with an ADD child?  I'm TIRED.  I am outnumbered.  Now I know what my wife meant when she told me five years ago, "Fasten your seat belts."

New Category for Parents with ADD Kids

This is a marriage forum overall (and now a VERY active one...I'm having trouble keeping up and writing my book at the same time!)  But ADD is extremely heritable (more than eye color...) so quite a few people have mentioned that they would like a place to get ideas from others about good parenting for kids who also have ADD.

And, I have experience in that arena, too. away and we'll see what happens!


Re: children with ADHD

If you're looking for a forum-style site, try [email protected]. It was a bit too much ' Oh, you poor deary' and 'you go girl!' gab-fest to suit me, however, its an excellent resource of its kind and the moderators/owners are great. I highly recommend it for mums.

Dads on the other hand....probably need our own group, lol!



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Proposed new forum areas

We will be establishing a few new forum areas in the very near future for special areas of interest that have surfaced on this site.  The topic of raising children with ADHD in the context of a marriage to a spouse with ADHD is certainly a popular topic, as those couples who have at least one member who has ADHD have a high probability of having children with ADHD and often discover their spouses' ADHD after diagnosing one of their children.  Dealing with either an ADHD spouse or ADHD children is enough of a challenge –combining the two (which is often the case) creates even greater challenges.

Additionally, I have been contemplating for some time the value of an area where men who have ADHD can come to discuss their perspectives on the challenges in their relationships. <I expected that this last topic would not be highly traffic'ed ;-) .  I hope I am proven wrong about that.>  I hope that this would be an area to which women could point their husbands who are on the verge of enlightenment, but not yet there, to begin their journey.  I know this is risky, as several women have pointed out that their husbands have become upset upon learning that their spouses were visiting this site.  However, for their marriages to become successful, the men have to come to the realization of the nature and impact of their ADHD on the relationship, and not constantly try to blame the non-ADHD spouse as the source of challenges in the relationship.

And yes, I do believe that there is a difference in the dynamics of ADHD relationships between those where the man has ADHD from those in which the woman has ADHD.  While not always the case, there appears to be a set of traditional expectations around roles (and the lack of execution thereof by the ADHD spouse) that is different depending on the gender of the ADHD spouse.  I would like to explore that, in hopes of creating some introspection on the parts of the non-ADHD spouse, and determining some of the contributors to conflict that can then be overcome.  We haven’t put the area up yet because Melissa has some concerns about whether a separate area for men might pull men away from the other conversation areas or represent some sort of gender bias.

We’ll put these two new areas up in the next week or so – please let us know what you think.

separate new forums

I have to agree with Melissa here.  I highly value comments from men whether they are the ADD spouse or the Non ADD spouse.  Getting the male perspective helps me a great deal while sorting out what's the ADD action/reaction and/or what's the male action/reaction at play in my marriage.  I hope to continue to receive this insight from here.  It has been one if the biggest benefits for me.   Even  eye opening at times.


re:seperate new forums

I agree as well that having the comments of men with or without Adhd is welcoming indeed! I however do hope there will be a forum for children because any info besides the books would I think be very helpful! I like the comments from Melissa and have read a few of Dr.H's books and find the most info here. It would be nice to link up with other adults to what works etc..and vice versa for them.