Re: help for ADHD child

My next door neighbor has an ADHD son, and from watching how his parents "parent" him, they don't seem to know anything about ADHD. The poor little guy (he's 7 now) gets belted all the time, gets punished every single day, gets yelled at every day, and his younger sister is obviously the "favorite" of the two of them. It's very sad to watch, and I feel SO BAD for this kid. Are there any good books for parenting children with ADHD that I could give them? They know that my husband has ADHD, so they know I deal with it, and we're pretty good friends, so I think they would accept some help if I offered it.

    The mother is a nurse, and works in the health care field, but obviously know little about ADHD, because she is exasperated when it comes to dealing with her child. The sad part is.....he's a great little guy. He's loving, kind, thoughtful, and is a good kid. But, he IS somewhat hyperactive, TALKS almost non-stop and is always getting in trouble with his teacher at school. But, his "offenses" aren't hitting other kids or being a bully or anything like that, it's more like he didn't listen to the assignment, or he  forgot his paper, or he did the wrong assignment. (typical ADHD stuff)

     I would like to offer them some help so that he doesn't grow up to be one of the angry, hurt and unsupported ADHD men, like we've seen so many times in these forums. If anyone (Melissa too) knows any good information I could give them, I'd be most grateful.