Re: keeping it all inside

My ADHD husband has told me, "I keep things inside me, even though I'm really upset about something, but you have a harder time doing that". This doesn't make sense to me, because I believe that open communication is the key to a good relationship,  not "keeping it all inside". I don't nag or yell at him about things, I've  never been a nag, because I don't like that, but he REALLY has a hard time when I want to openly discuss something. He can talk for hours on lots of other things, but when it comes to US, he totally clams up. I don't understand. He is really trying in "actions" to make things better. He is now cooking some dinners (which is great and I love that) and is taking me on a date night occasionally (which again, I love) and is trying hard not to say things as harshly and condescending (and I praise him on his efforts).

    The tension of not having a sex life anymore, really DOES get to me at times, and I end up crying and he doesn't like that I feel bad. It feels to me like he prides himself in keeping his thoughts to himself, like that is somehow stronger than releasing them. What do I do with this, if anything, or am I approaching this wrong?