Read "The ADHD Effect" and HE hasn't!!!!!

Hello - I am new to the forum, and wanted to introduce myself.  I've been in a relationship for nearly two years, and recently moved in with him.  Although, I suspected he may have had ADD (or ADHD - he's not hyperactive), now that I've moved in, I KNOW.  I went to my own counselor yesterday, and she (having a husband that also has ADHD), knew right away, and recommended the book "The ADHD effect on Marriage".  We are not married, but he is a widower, and he has a 10 y/o son, whom I love as my own.  We did not enter into this relationship lightly.  But, here I am, just getting confirmation (not officially tested tho), that he, indeed has ADD, and I'm living with him).  My counselor suggested the book yesterday, and I read the whole thing today.

Holy hell.  I have a head-full of "knowing", and he is just starting to read the book...couldn't even get thru a discussion on what to have for dinner without arguing.  I even tried to use some of the techniques in the book, but they are lost on him, as he has NO IDEA what I'm talking about.  So, essentially, I read this book that gave me hope and validated my feelings, and he's looking at me like I'm bat-sh*t crazy.  He's meeting with a new counselor tomorrow (and thankfully, ADHD is listed as a specialty), but there is no way that he'll catch up on all that I've read, know and has made me feel better anytime in the next month.  Lost, sad, lonely, frustrated, can't communicate, and now I know how his brain is functioning, and he doesn't.  Seems like I've thrown fuel onto the fire.

Please advise....tell me to keep my mouth shut, or stay away from him...something....I am practically torturing him right now!!!!!