Reading the adhd book on marriage

Dear Melissa:

There are no words  to thank you enough for writing this book.  The moment I started reading it I feel like you were narrating to me the past 15 years of my married life.  I have only read a dozen pages and it has helped me to be aware of those issues that will sabotage my marriage. I am the one with adhd. My wife is very frustrated about it. Most of it for the shame of marrying some one with "mental problems". We all have something.  I have read several other books about adhd but none of them is a practical as your book. Thank you so much because I have a reference source to go back to again and again.  I have tried to convince my wife to read it but she continue to refuse. I think she will benefit of the practical lessons you describe and have. I wasn't her to be happy.  I love her but sometimes all that comes out of her mouth are spells and snakes that makes me not want to come back. I'm still here for the children so they grow with a family father figure but sometimes I have to suck up on the nagging insults of my wife. Everything that happened for whatever reason she attributes it to my adhd. She did it again at the office- we work together- but I learned in the book a strategy to deflect the offense and the insults. The book is a must read along with your spouse if possible. Thanks. Geo.