Reading the book, frustrated finding help

I'm the more ADHD of the two, and have begun reading Orlov's book.  I'm about half way through and have noticed and emphasis on finding "someone who knows how to treat ADHD".  This emphasis seems critical, and I can imagine why.  The wife and I are seeing a marriage counselor now, and while she is a licensed family therapist and knows some of the difficulties concerning ADHD, I'm not sure she is the specialist that will help me through the specifics of my symptoms.

To complicate things, I would like to find someone that falls under my companies health benefit plan (since money is always a problem).  For the past two hours I've unleashed my hyperfocus trying to compare those specialists listed on the local CHADD website to the list of specialist on my insurance provider list and have come up with no matches.

Conceeding that the CHADD list didn't have any matches on my provider list, I decided to go through the insurance provider's list seeking those that listed "Adult Therapy" and "ADHD".  It seems like this approach is much like throwing darts, If I find a specialist and try to go to their website to see their disciplines, location, times, etc. their websites are down or useless, and Google doesn't help on this front as it is chocked full of useless content agragation pages.

Has anyone found a good approach to finding a recommended adult ADHD therapist/specialist/psychiatrist on their insurance without feeling like they were throwing darts trying to get lucky?