Ready to give up

My husband had diagnosed ADD but untreated due to having no insurance. He spends money like crazy, he leaves cabinet doors open and stuff all over the house. He can't clean anything without being reminded 24 times and without me providing a list. He lost my antique engagement ring (my grandmothers) 2 years ago and still insists some lady has it and just wont ship it. My household tools disappear (dremel, saws etc) with no explanation. We dont have sex because it just never crosses his mind. The symptoms and stressors are endless and im at my wits end. I just wanted to start a family and live a normal life. I have tried to be understanding because i know he cant help a lot of this but im reaching a boiling point. He is generally better on medication but since he cant keep a job without being on meds and cant get meds without having a job..we are just screwed. I can add him to my ins for an extra 150$ every 2 weeks but that is ridiculous.

I just dont know what to do anymore