Real joyous, folks

Seriously, look at the topics under the "Joy in Marriages" forum.

  • "Please help"
  • "Please help"
  • "It's torture"
  • "My husband has fallen out of love"
  • "Wife has left"
  • "May cancel wedding"
  • "Extremely frustrating"
  • "Need help"
  • "On the brink of giving up"
  • "I don't know what to do"
  • "Disconnect in marriage"

Yes, "Disconnect in marriage." In the "Joy in Marriages" forum.

Do non-ADD'ers tend to devise complicated and paradoxical methods to sort concepts into categories? I'm sorry. It's just that my unmarryable, torturous, extremely frustrating, disconnected ADD brain is struggling to understand how people have organized their ideas in these forums.