The realities of our true feelings concerning our marriages....

Are you offended by being a Husband or Wife?

We are all different on this forum, but, in the same breathe I can say we all have many similarities.

What is your concept of marriage?

What or Who do you pattern you life after as a husband or wife?

Who for you is the authority on what a marriage is suppose to look like?

Does the meanings of any of these words offend you, as they pertain to you as an individual?...Work, Helper, Leader, Accountability, Responsibility, Sex, Submission, Openness, Repentance, Apologies, Forgiveness, Love, Cleanliness, Dirty, Messy, Hunger, Thirst....

Do you fight against or make excuses for things you know in your heart that you should seek to become or take on as a husband or wife?

From my own experience's in life, the things I hate, dislike or fight against, I never get good at.....Do you truly desire to be a Good Husband or Wife?

Honesty w/ one's self and a shared understanding of our belief system w/ our spouse is vital if communication is going to be possible. Without this understanding going into a discussion, I've found that arguments can and do quickly surface. And, they usually stay unresolved, because they are open ended...The reason there open ended is, more times than not we are making a case for two different realities....We have little to no concept or understanding of our mates perspective about the subject....

It's vital to find out if you or you spouse hates being a husband or wife....This maybe the simple answer to many of our problems....

Are you offended by the requirements of your wedding Vows?? Do you want to live Single, but, just use your spouse for selfish purposes?

I sure don't have all my own answers here; some of my realities are to painful to puke up....But, truth will set us free!