Anyone got a circus for me to join???  I have experience!!

My DH's newest thing is to call me a dumb@##.  He's been doing it all week (new thing for him) and its starting to REALLY piss me off.  Last night we were laying in bed just talking (it had been a really good day for us) and we disagreed on a topic.  I mentioned that I had just read about it in a magazine and told him what it said.  He was like "your arguing with me again, dumb@##.  I asked him to please stop calling me that, I didn't like it.  He then went on to tell me that I called him that so he could call me that....I have NEVER called him that (I know because I am very careful not to and always have been careful not to, I reserve that name for someone who REALLY deserves ex-husband).  He then went on to tell me "you told someone that I was being a dumb@##".  I asked him when I did it and he said "when we lived in XYZ town"... ummm that was 5 years ago!!!!  So hes holding something against me that I don't remember doing and really don't think I did (things were still good with us when we lived there).  So when I expressed that I hadn't called him that at any point in the recent past and in fact I didn't remember EVER calling him that he just said "yeah it would be better if I just called you a bitch", then he turned over and went to sleep.

This morning he was fine, but my son (ADHD and 16) was being a complete pain in the ass!  Not a good day!

I apologize for all the posts recently..Im just really frustrated!!  I thought things were going in a positive direction, I thought I had made some positive choices in myself and I am finding that nothing is as it seemed.  Thanks all of you for letting me vent and your thoughtful comments.  ~~HUGS~~