really bad cold. skip Adderall?

Hi all,

I've got a really awful cold, I didn't sleep all night (up til 4am, then my 2 year old woke up with a fever at 6am)  I'm exhausted.

Do I skip Adderall in favor of cold medicine (sudafed) or vice versa?

I'm interviewing a babysitter today, I've got to move my car (with my 2 year old) for street sweeping and then pick up my daughter from school, but no 'real' work today.

gotta get my daughter ready for school and have coffee now....





Sorry... I've been in a bit of a funk and disappeared for a while. I have not really been sick much in the last 2.5 years. My normal issue is allergy/sinus congestion and I take Allegra D. I have not missed my meds even when on pain killers for a badly cracked tooth. The pain killers can kind of erase to Adderall benefit, but I figure I would be even less effective without the Adderall. Unless your Doc says the drug shouldn't be taken with Adderall, I'd keep taking it :)




Doc said I can't take pseudofed and adderall at the same time (well, REAL pseudofed - pseudoephedrine)  the other stuff just doesn't work at all.

I opted for a day off of adderall and took the cold stuff.  I was miserable, but figured I'd be miserable anyway.  the next day I was a bit better and was able to push through the rest of the week with Adderall.

Still not 100% and my voice is not back to where it needs to be to perform, but I think by my next classical gig I'll be ok.  I hope. can't get into a can't get into a're not allowed!

Kidding, of course. ((((HUGS)))) I hope you're feeling better. We're here if you need some advice or 'motivation' (butt kicking!)


Thanks :)

I think I reached one of those "Too much on my Plate" periods. Super busy at work where I can tell they are giving me control of projects beyond my job description to see if I am "Move Up" material. This is good... Very active freshman DD1, DD2 is really showing some of my traits and I'm trying to help her through these thought processes, my master shower project is in it's 6th week and I'm spending almost ALL free time on this and my DW has gotten stressed out, which is not what I like to hear after working on it for 10 hours one day. And my previous employer (who laid me off in July 2010) needs my help with their accounting system (I told them they would), so I am happy to charge them good consulting fees and do some projects. When do I work on that??? After I stop for the evening on the shower around 10pm, that's when...

I remember when I started the Adderall I was able to do so much more than before that I would do too many things at once, which puts me right back in ADD scramble mode, just way more productive but exhausting none the less. Ellemenno... I hope you feeling better. Sherri... Thanks for the POB :-)    











I agree with Sherri

YYZ, you may get funky, but you may not go into a funk!!!!  We need you here!

Sounds like too many oranges, dude.  I'd tell the former employee to take a hike if you don't need the ca$h... or, can you get any slack on the shower project?

I've been overwhelmed as well as sick with the start of a new school for DD1 and a bit of teaching for me plus still trying to put myself out there for a 'real' job, and running my own tiny business.  Like you, my 'free' time is after 10pm when the adderall has worn off. 

gotta run.  two small people crying at me and dinner won't cook itself!


I need a nap after reading all that! I don't get mad when people are actually working.... It's the couch potato stuff that gets to me. I guess your family misses you. : ) maybe it's because i grew up in a house where everyone worked all day and all night that all the work, work, work stuff doesn't bother me. Maybe you could contract the rest of the bathroom stuff out since you have the new consulting on the side? The bathroom could be done in a couple days...(if someone is home though). You wouldn't be giving up, or quitting on the project, you just would be making room for the other stuff on your plate. This could give you much needed time with your family and perhaps a chance to relax for a minute. : )

Oooh! totally!

I'm with PJ - if the bathroom won't cost a b'jillion bucks, get someone else to do it!

The Shower...

A couple of weeks ago my DW suggested maybe I need help. I had already done all of the hard work, like the tear-down of the old one, the new drain, the custom shower pan, a bench built out of cinder blocks, the Hardybacker cement board, shower liner, replace the shower valve... I had to re-build using the exact proportional dimensions so I could re-use my shower glass. I was NOT going to have some Yahoo come in and do the finish-out tile work and get all the credit and has this be a project beyond my skill set. AND a contractor buddy told me what I was doing would cost $2500+!!!!

I definitely think my funk is just too little down time because of all the extra oranges...

Thanks for the support guys :)



Yikes..... I'd pay a lot of money to avoid doing tile, YYZ....  but - I don't have $2,500 lying around either.