really tired out and depressed

my girlfriend asked me to read up on some of the things on here in the hope of this shedding some light on my problems (ADD) i must say what i have read some of posts people actually seem to care about people with ADD but on the most part you really hate us reading through quite a few different posts we really get a whipping my problem is this i've got ADD and i feel useless im made to feel useless most of my life i had a shit upbringing 3 out 4 siblings had ADD my mum was an alcoholic my father although my real not blood father was good but used to sit me down and give lectures for hours on end every time i used to misbehave hence i used to shut down well if im honest not really shut down but concentrate every thing else going on but he is still my dad even when him and my mum split but i carry on i have learn't to ignore arguments this just pisses off my girlfriend and i feel  on my own i fight to keep us together not just for me but for my 2 children which since having them its has been my main focus i love them so much i look into there eyes and feel upset to what i am putting them through with my condition the first time i met my girlfriend i knew that she was the one i wanted to spend the rest my life with i love her so much i wish i could win back her affections  but things have bad recently im not violent i work and i run all the day to day bills ,shopping and clothes etc we have'nt had been having sex recently an when we do its feels like im the only one having it which also upsets me i just need her to sit me down and tell me every things going to be ok but the truth of it is everything  going to be ok am i all the things she says to me am i useless not that she calls me useless its just how i feel why does every thing have to go wrong just as i felt everything was going so well now back to first step i suppose but older tired and lonely it probably seems like its all about me here but its hard to look past that when your faced with losing everything that you've worked so hard to get there some many things i want to say to her but i cant get my words out and even when i do she gets so spiteful that it scares me into not saying what i feel its just feels she holds all the cards and its her way or i have to leave so yes do i want to talk about it probably not but will i have to yes  probably so here it rears its ugly head into lose lose position for me we used to talk have fun together and just be a unit now she never wants to go out with me just her friends and if we do go out it turns into an argument it was my birthday sunday just gone ive never felt so bad as i did then she has just lost all interest me and its crap because every time i look at her all i feel is the same way i did when i met her but just a little anger mixed in there to

any comments need a pick me up and some proper advise remembering im uk resident and dont have all the groups they do in the US